The philosophy behind the competition

The jury will particularly be seeking a strong original viewpoint and a clear desire to offer a new vision of the world.

The prize will be awarded to a single winner once a year.

What could be more difficult for a young photographer than obtaining their first public recognition?

In order to stimulate the emergence of young talents, FIDAL is launching a competition for photographers who have not yet exhibited in a museum or major festival. This international competition is open to all fields of photography (reportage, fashion, portrait, still life, sport, nature, art etc.).

The winner’s project – which will take the form of the production of 15 photographs – can result in a book, an exhibition, an Internet site, a happening etc.

The timetable

From the 12 of September to the 3rd of December

Submission of applications on the site


Jury deliberation

Third week of December

Announcement of the winner

Who can enter ?

To participate, you must be under 40 years of age and have never exhibited in a museum or major festival.

Simply visit the “Submit application” page to submit:

  • Name the file with your first and last name, followed by “Fidal Youth.”
    E.g. lastnamefirstname_fidalyouth
  • Provide as comprehensive a description of yourself and your achievements as possible (age, studies, gallery representing you if applicable, book[s] published).
  • Give a detailed description of your series or portfolio.
  • Feel free to lay out your plans as far as how you would use the €5,000 grant if you were to finish first place.

Photographers may make as many entries as they wish.

What does the prize consist of?

The winner will be awarded a grant of 5000 euros in order to assist them in carrying out a project which they can choose in conjunction with the competition jury. The winner’s project – which will take the form of the production of a minimum of ten photographs – can result in a book, an exhibition, an Internet site, a happening etc.

The winner will also receive support from Fisheye magazine, the photography lifestyle magazine and FIDAL Photo partner, to carry out their project. They will also receive legal assistance from FIDAL in the form of pro bono advice on the challenges represented by their choice of project (intellectual property, contracts, personal status etc.) in order to help them progress in their professional career.

Dominique Davodet

Regional Director Paris

Catherine Auvolat


Matthieu David

Art Director for "Fisheye Magazine"

The jury

The Youth Photography Awards’ jury is made up of professionnal photographers as well as members of FIDAL’s office. The jury, which is attached to identifying emerging talents, will assess the artistic personality of each and every candidate as well as their originality and the uniqueness of their viewpoint.

Discover the jury of previous editions

Submit application

Take a few minutes to fill out the form in order to take part in our competition.

“FIDAL Youth Photography Awards” rules 


The FIDAL Youth Photography Awards is organised in the context of FIDAL Photo by FIDAL, SELAS, professional law corporation taking the form of a joint-stock company governed by an executive board and a supervisory board with a capital of 6,000,000 euros, incorporated in the Nanterre Register of Companies under number 525 031 522, whose head office is located at 4, 6 Avenue d’Alsace, 92982 Paris La Défense Cedex.


The call for applications is open to any young photographer having never exhibited in a museum or major festival, without restriction in terms of age or nationality.

This prize is open to all fields of photography.

It is open to photographers’ collectives.


The jury is composed of:

Matthieu David, artistic director of Fisheye magazine

Dominique Davodet, FIDAL Lawyer

Catherine Auvolat, FIDAL Lawyer

The jury will choose a winner according to aesthetic criteria, the original nature of the work and the photographer’s stated desire to offer a new vision of the world.


The winner will receive a prize of 5000 euros with which to carry out their work. This grant is intended to assist the winner to produce a project of their choice, to be defined with the prize jury (book exhibition, Internet site, happening etc.).

In order to assist the winner to better structure their work, 20 hours of legal assistance will also be offered in the following legal areas: copyright, company law, tax law and contract law.


The photographer selected accepts, in the context of the project carried out for the FIDAL award for youth photography, to cede to FIDAL 10 jointly chosen prints, with a view to constituting a private collection. The photographer thus cedes the reproduction and representation rights associated with these 10 prints.


The award is open from the 12th of September to the 4th of December 2018. Registrations can only be carried out online on the FIDAL Photo site ( The organisers reserve the right to refuse applications which may contravene the commitments of the said rules or which would be contrary to law or morality.

Applicable law

The current rules are subject to French law.

Annex: information required from applicants



First name

Email address

Submission of PDF presentation of the project

Submission of a series of 10 to 15 photos (zip)

Commitment accepted by the applicant


I have acquainted myself with the current rules and undertake to comply with them.

I certify that I am the sole author of the photographs presented and that they do not contain any other element belonging to a photograph or any other creation of which I am not the rights holder.

I certify that the said photographs do not represent any person whose consent has not been obtained in advance.

In this respect, I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for photographs submitted in the context of this award and indemnify the organisers against any action or recourse which may be brought against the latter by any person for infringement of their image, private life or any other right which they may assert.