The philosophy behind the competition

This exceptionally long germination period, which is unique in the context of a photography competition, enables the winner to create a long-term project.


Documentary photography is a long-term undertaking and does not necessarily echo current events. It is the fruit of a personal vision, but one which is crucial to the world.

FIDAL has chosen to create a competition to promote this form of photography by aiding a photographer to produce their work on a subject imbued with meaning.

The winner will be awarded a grant of 20,000 euros and will be. This grant will enable them to complete their project within a period of two years. The winner will also be provided with legal assistance from FIDAL during these two years.

The timetable

From the 5th of April to the 25th of May

Submission of applications on the site


Jury deliberation

During the week of the 3rd of July

Announcement of the winner


Who can enter?

This competition is open to all photographers having already completed a number of projects and proposing a complete reportage project in the field of documentary photography – i.e. one linked to reality.

Five finalists will be selected and interviewed by a jury composed of photography professionals and FIDAL members. Following these interviews, the jury will select a winner from among the five finalists.


What does the prize consist of?

The winner will be awarded a grant of 20,000 euros. This grant will enable them to complete their project within a period of two years. At the end of these two years, the project will result in an exhibition.

It will also be promoted in Fisheye magazine, the photography lifestyle magazine and FIDAL Photo partner. The winner will also be provided with legal assistance from FIDAL during these two years.

Dominique Davodet

Fidal associate director

Catherine Auvolat


Éric Karsenty

Editor in chief of "Fisheye Magazine"


The jury

The FIDAL Prize for Documentary Photography’s jury is made up of professionnal photographers as well as members of FIDAL’s office. The jury, which is attached to identifying emerging talents, will assess the artistic personality of each and every candidate as well as their originality and the uniqueness of their viewpoint.

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Submit your application

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“FIDAL Prize for Documentary Photography” rules


The FIDAL Prize for Documentary Photography is organised in the context of FIDAL Photo by FIDAL, SELAS, professional law corporation taking the form of a joint-stock company governed by an executive board and a supervisory board with a capital of 6,000,000 euros, incorporated in the Nanterre Register of Companies under number 525 031 522, whose head office is located at 4,6 Avenue d’Alsace, 92982 Paris La Défense Cedex.


The call for applications is open to established photographers having prior achievements in the field (exhibitions, publications etc.).


The jury is composed of:

Éric Karsenty, editor-in-chief of Fisheye magazine

Dominique Davodet, Lawyer

Catherine Auvolat, Lawyer

The jury will choose the winner on the basis of a complete reportage project in the field of documentary photography. Originality and commitment will be taken into account in the choice of the jury. The period for achievement of the project is two years. A review of the project will take place with the organiser or their representative every three months in order to keep them informed as to the progress of the said project.


The winner will receive a prize of 20,000 euros with which to carry out their work. As the period for achievement of the project is two years, the first half of the sum will be paid when the winner is announced, and the second half one year later.

20 hours of legal assistance will also be offered in the following legal areas: copyright, company law, tax law and contract law.

The winner’s work will be presented in an exhibition.


The photographer selected accepts, in the context of the project carried out for the FIDAL award for documentary photography, to cede to FIDAL 20 jointly chosen prints, with a view to constituting a private collection. The photographer thus cedes the reproduction and representation rights associated with these 20 prints.


The award is open from 22 March to 1 June 2016. Registrations can only be carried out online on the FIDAL Photo site ( The organisers reserve the right to refuse applications which may contravene the commitments of the said rules or which would be contrary to law or morality.

Applicable law

The current rules are subject to French law.

Annex: information required from applicants



First name

Email address

Submission of PDF presentation of the project/Max. 2 A4 pages

Your portfolio


Commitment accepted by the applicant

I have acquainted myself with the current rules and undertake to comply with them.

I certify that I am the sole author of the photographs presented and that they do not contain any other element belonging to a photograph or any other creation of which I am not the rights holder.

I certify that the said photographs do not represent any person whose consent has not been obtained in advance.

In this respect, I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for photographs submitted in the context of this award and indemnify the organisers against any action or recourse which may be brought against the latter by any person for infringement of their image, private life or any other right which they may assert.