For its third edition, the Fidal prize for documentary photography awarded Pierre Faure for his project on the rise of poverty in France. Entitled France périphérique, in reference to the eponymous work of geographer Christophe Guilluy, this photographic investigation focuses on rural and peri-urban zones.  With more than 200 participants for this third edition, the Fidal photo prize for documentary photography settles firmly in landscape photography. After Philippe Grollier, winner in 2016 for a project on Northern Ireland (which will be exhibited during the next edition of PhotoSaintGermain in November 2018), and Philippe Chancel, distinguished last year to finish his project Datazone, it’s Pierre Faure who has managed to convince the seven members of the jury, gathered on Monday 25th of June. “ France has 8,8 million of poor people [INSEE, 2016]. 2,3 million people live with at best 672 euros per month. I’ve been documenting the rise of poverty in France, by focusing on rural and peri-urban zones since 2015. This work aims to make the living conditions of some of our compatriots visible and concrete. That faces replace the statistics in order to bring to the public elements of awareness and understanding”, says the photographer.