FIDAL Photo is launching the second edition of the documentary photography prize. You can from now on submit your projects.

The competition is open to all photographers who justify significant achievement and who propose a completed project in documentary photography. Five finalists will be selected and interviewed by a jury composed of photography professionals and FIDAL members. Following these interviews, the jury will select a winner.

This year, Anne Racine from the Jeu de Paume and François Cheval, exhibition commissioner will be joining the jury for the documentary prize.

Philippe Grollier rose to the occasion and won the photo documentary prize in 2016 for his committed work on Northern Ireland. For 15 years, he has been documenting this country, whose wounds, inflicted by several decades’ of deadly conflict, have yet to fully heal. After his series entitled Peace Process, created in Derry in 2007, and his Bonfires series on sectarian violence between Catholics and Protestants, the photographer started to work on the Peacewall series, which covers the “peace walls” splitting apart neighborhoods along the outskirts of Belfast.

You have until the 12th of June to participate.

Good Luck!